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Last Updated 23rd July 2008

Save Top of the Pops

itv Iceland

The British Commonwealth Manned Space Programme 

Free Internet Music TV Stations from UK & Europe

MTV Dance

Kirsty Hawkshaw Video - "It's a Fine Day" by Opus III featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw

Cathy Dennis Video - "That's The Way Of The World" from the "Acid House" era (1990)

Siobhan Donaghy - British Pop Star ex Sugababes

UCLA Music Club, University of California, Los Angeles

The Tangmasters - the Best Rock Group in the World Ever!

Windows Calendar

"Big Bang", "Red Shift" and "Dark Matter" explained in Cosmology Paper from the British "Institute of Physics" Gravity Group. Suggests universe not expanding, no Big Bang, expansion not needed to explain Red Shift, Dark Matter not needed to explain anomalous galactic rotation.

Genera-S, an improved method for calculating Gruneisen's Gamma


CBS Color TV
See Color pictures on a Black & White TV
Use your color printer to Print Out a CBS Color Wheel

405 Colour
The British 405 line NTSC Colour TV System
Colour Subcarrier 2.6578125 Mc/s

Build a Working Baird Televisor !

Use your computer printer to Print Out a Nipkow Disk !
TV Stations in Los Angeles Delta 171 - High Power Radio from Holland for Britain BBC Test Card for Internet TV

Television and Mobile Information Services on AM Radio

The History of Colour TV Subcarrier & TV Line Scan Standards (How Very Interesting ! )

DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting - The Future

Field Sequential Colour Television - Demonstration

Digital Medium Wave TV Demo

See a 3D Picture

Test Card M, the Motion Test Card for Digital TV

The Future of Television

SPTV Test Card

The PAL Subcarrier Frequency
An extremely interesting explanation of it's derivation

Sky One in London

Photo RDS - Radio in Colour!

Gyro-Lift Device

Hear a 30 Minute
TV Program about Gyro-Lift
(Sound only)
Download the TV Program Sound
(Real Audio,1.7 MB)

Guitar Tuner

HOTOL, the British Spacecraft, on it's way to claim the planet Mars for the Queen and the British Commonwealth, and to conquer outer space!

See what's on SPTV 2 at Geocities

256 Colour Icons

Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal

Kylie Minogue

Gail Porter

How to use your Shortwave Radio (for people called Helen)

General Purpose Christmas Card

See what The Teletubbies look like

Stephen's Shift Pattern

The Religious Significance of
the Big Bang Theory
SPTV Sound(needs a soundcard)

Photos from Amsterdam 1998

Helen's Birthday Card 98

Helen's Birthday Card 97

Cover for A4 files for mpa

Daddy's Birthday Card 98

Daddy's Birthday Card 97 
Listen (with your naked eye) to a "Real Audio" File, Live (8kbit/s) Download the "Real Audio" File  
"Enjoy" listening to a NEW "Real Audio" File, Live (32kbit/s) Download the NEW "Real Audio" File